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Query Examples
Before starting your research, you may find it helpful to look at any record in the database, so that you understand the kind of information that is typically displayed.
Examples of basic searches:
Last Name: 
Smith finds all surnames containing that letter sequence, including Smith and Smithson. Remember: This field contains the last name OF THE ALUMNUS; search ancestor/spouse surnames in the "Biography & Genealogy" field.
Last Name and First Name:
Last name Smith with First name John finds all individuals named John Smith or Johnson Smith or John Smithson.
VMI Class:
1858 returns a roster containing all members of that Class; 185 returns all classes from the 1850's.
About the Biography & Genealogy field:
In General:
You may use multiple search terms, connected by AND, OR, or AND NOT.  This field contains details about the individual, including the names of spouse, children, and ancestors; wars fought in and military unit; career; date and place of birth and death, etc.
Hamilton AND North Carolina returns records containing both of those terms.
You may combine the Biography & Genealogy field with other fields:
Last name Smith and Biography & Genealogy lawyer returns all records containing both terms.

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