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Query Examples
Before starting your research, you may find it helpful to look at any record in the database, so that you understand the kind of information that is typically displayed.
Examples of basic searches:
Last Name: 
Smith finds all surnames containing that letter sequence, including Smith and Smithson. Remember: This field searches only the name of the interviewee.  For important names that may be mentioned in the interview itself, search the "Collection Summary" field.
Last Name and First Name:
Last name Smith with First name John finds all individuals named John Smith or Johnson Smith or John Smithson.
Rank / Title:
COL returns a list containing all entries with a rank of Colonel.
Inclusive Dates:
This field indicates only the span of time covered by the interview, not the dates of individual events.  Typing the term 1967 in the "Inclusive dates" search box finds all interviews that contain 1967 as a beginning or ending date.  196 finds all interviews that have a date from the 1960's as a beginning or ending date.
Service Branch:
Search for Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.
Conflicts, Areas, Events:
Search on terms such as Vietnam, Germany, Korean War.
About the Collection Summary field:
In General:
You may use multiple search terms, connected by AND, OR, or AND NOT.  This field summarizes the most important places, units, people, and events covered in an interview.  Vietnam AND Infantry returns records containing both of those terms.
You may combine the Collection Summary field with other fields:
"Last name" Smith and "Collection Summary" Korea returns all records containing both terms.

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