Research Proposal Application
Title of Research Proposal:

Selection Criteria

  1. Feasibility of successful completion of the research project.
  2. Opportunity for the student researcher to learn appropriate research and research methodology.
  3. The probability of the research resulting in presentation or publication at an undergraduate or regional conference in the field.
  4. The completeness of the proposal.
Name of Submitter (cadet):
Faculty Mentor for project:
Department Chair Name:
Overall GPA:
GPA within Major:
Select Session: Full ten week session (6 credits)
Five weeks 1st summer session (3 credits)
Five weeks 2nd summer session (3 credits)
Description of Project:
This narrative, written by cadet with guidance from mentor, must provide a detailed description of the proposed project including methodology (1 to 2 pages). It must be understandable to an educated person not in the field.
A preliminary bibliography of pertinent research is required. Format must follow disciplinary standards.
Week by week breakdown of anticipated work and meetings with mentor leading to completion of paper and oral presentation at end of the program.
VMI & other facilities to be used:
This should include libraries, laboratories, etc.
Faculty Mentor Statement:
You must confirm support before submitting this application.
Yes, I have discussed this project with my faculty mentor and he/she will submit separately a statement of support by the deadline.
Department Chair Endorsement:
You must confirm endorsement before submitting this application.
Yes, the Department Chair is aware of the project and will submit separately a letter of endorsement by the deadline.